Anca Blaga

I’m a psychologist studying product design. My core belief is that a product must go beyond pure functionality and aesthetics and satisfy even deeper human needs. Through my experiments and prototypes I try to shape discreet links between the object and the user’s emotional self.

I design for the background of the human experience.

I usually work with clients that want a unique and subtle product in their portfolio.

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I design and prototype for the background of our human experience not for the front row. The front row should be occupied not by objects, but by the people in our lives and our passions. And the background, meaning all the tiny interactions with objects we mostly take for granted, should allow us to live in the moment, to feel better, act better and, why not, become better without even noticing.

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Address: Splaiul Uniri 160, Nod Makerspace, Floor 2

Schedule: Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 18:00

Phone: +40 744 319 399


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