Two stupid dogs

Two stupid dogs

This could have been one of the twenty something articles that I wanted to write in the past few days but never did. This is because I didn’t know how to hack the white page syndrome or whatever you may call this illness when you want to write something but don’t have any clue about how to get started. I’m sure it happened to you also, at least once.

Fortunately this is not a failed attempt to write, as I’ve been taught by wiser people that whenever my creativity pales, I should just put on-hold the topic I am struggling with and do something completely different for a while.

Different and stupid. Or maybe just stupid. Just to give my mind enough room to wonder around with no pressure.

I had a long list of options ahead, and watching “Two stupid dogs” was one of them (because this is how I felt). But I got used to taking myself seriously for so many years that it’s never easy for me to watch cartoons when I’m supposed to be working.

So I chose another strategy: to start writing whatever crossed my mind, strange words, random thoughts, with no connection to a specific topic until it leads me to something useful (you can find the non-sense at the end of the post).

The initial topic was supposed to be about some important life lessons, about parts of me that were shaped while I was an employee. But this is what it came out instead of that and I’m quite happy with the result.

So the next time you struggle to be creative, just write/draw/paint some random stuff to get you started.

You have to trust the power of non-sense.

It can really get you focused once you allow yourself to be messy and stupid. Or, watch “Two stupid dogs”. This could also work.

The non-sense that got me started:

Write anything even if it’s stupid. Do not stop. Stupid is good sometimes. There is an application which makes you write continuously otherwise everything you’ve wrote so far will be erased. Looks like an yogurt day, I feel like eating yogurt with fresh fruits. Most people hate it, but it is so heathy boring. I don’t know from where to start. Nonsense is not sexy.  

Anca Blaga
I’m a psychologist studying product design. My core belief is that a product must go beyond pure functionality and aesthetics and satisfy even deeper human needs. Through my experiments and prototypes I try to shape discreet links between the object and the user’s emotional self.
I design for the background of the human experience. I usually work with clients that want a unique and subtle product in their portfolio.
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