Client: Chicineta

“Gestalt” is a psychological term which means “unified whole”.

The design is rooted in the idea of physical and psychological well-being: eat good and eat together. The paired wooden plates can act as a unifier, a place of community: sharing a meal is a good excuse for connection.

The design follows emotions. The circles and the rounded shapes give a sense of harmony and a positive emotional message. In terms of functionality, the paired component design makes it easier for you to have both, chopping and serving platters at once.

I decided over maple sycamore because of the unexpected fibre colouring once you start finishing it with tung oil. The tree knots and the small imperfections are part of the story. The wood’s story.

Wooden cutting boards made from maple sycamore. Finishing: bee wax and tung oil.

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Design, Products, Wood