Client: Bokkeh

The design is rooted in the idea of physical and psychological well-being: eat good and eat together. The paired elements makes you think of togetherness, as sharing a meal is always a good excuse for connection.

When I think of wood, I get a feeling of warmth and coziness. The finished piece is always a legacy to a once alive plant, flexible and changing over time. So I somehow wanted to balance it’s warm with some toughness by adding a nice porcelain tray.

Coloured glazed, the porcelain tray is sized to match the wooden platter pocked. It is handmade by Studio Mud, carefully finished and added drops of joy to it.

In terms of functionality, the paired component design makes it easier for you to have both chopping and serving platter at once.

The wooden serving platter is made from maple sycamore.

Finishing: tung oil and natural bee wax.

Dimensions: 380 x 220 x 20 mm


Porcelain trays, dimensions:

190 x 120 x 9 mm

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